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Flame is a restaurant and bar where freshness, quality and experience are paramount. The concept is inspired by the Japanese cuisine Teppanyaki.



32 seats of Teppanyaki table, one of the biggest dinner table in Iceland. Two professional Teppanyaki chef will cook on the special Teppan with the freshest ingredients from local. Enjoy your evening with fire, joys and funs.

a la carte

Try our fresh made sushi rolls and Japanese style hot meals at our Flame table. Our great range is locally grown and freshly imported from Japan. Enjoy your evening with joys and funs.

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Tuesday to sunday


between 17-18

The Flame Cocktail and Gin bar it is a new concept in Iceland inspired in the London and American style bar scene trying to escape from the typical classic and being extravagant , homemade products , fresh and high quality products with many creativity on helping the mixing , we are also inspired by the the local and oriental seasonal products so this way we can make a crossing unic in the bar scene.

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opening hours

Flame temporarily closed in January for renovation

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